increase electoral participation among historically underrepresented communities, particularly youth and people of color


March to the Polls (MTTP) is a nonpartisan 501c3 nonprofit organization. Founded in 2015 by a small group of community volunteers, MTTP began its work by registering individuals in local neighborhood businesses and high schools. Since then, the organization has expanded and uses a multi-pronged approach to voter engagement through partnerships with school districts and elections departments.



We have programming to support new voters in schools and in communities.

1) In-class voter education and registration: We help schools comply with the Texas High School Voter Registration Act, which requires schools to provide two opportunities to eligible students to register to vote. We supplement registration with educational content, equipping students with information and tools to vote and empowering them to be civically engaged beyond the ballot.

2) Student Voter Empowerment Clubs: Through on-campus, student-led civic engagement clubs in North Texas high schools, students in grades 9-12 engage their entire school community with year-round voting and civic engagement resources.

3) Community Programs: Our presence in the community is critical to building a culture of voting in underrepresented communities. Each year, we  host Volunteer Deputy Registrar trainings for hundreds of volunteers, allowing community members to register others to vote under Texas Law. We also engage low propensity voters with specific initiatives, including the Latino Voter Empowerment Coalition, to ensure equitable representation at the ballot. 

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